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Our guarantee to you

This website is owned and operated by FORS AND ETI SERVICES LTD which is based in Kenya.

When you use Translate My Paper we offer you explicit guarantees on both the quality of the finished product as well as delivery dates.

If you are not completely satisfied with the job we have done, then we will provide you with the agreed corrections as soon as possible and this will be done at our expense. If following these corrections, you are still not happy with the finished product then we will provide you with a full or partial refund.

General conditions of sale

These are the general sales conditions which apply to all jobs which are carried out by Translate My Paper on behalf of its clients.

If you accept a quote from Translate My Paper then you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions also.

All customers need to first make an account with www.translatemypaper.com to make full use of the translation services on offer.

Any jobs which refer to technical or industry specific documents, must be accompanied by reference documents, images or diagrams or any other information that will help us to have a full understanding of the documents to carry out the most accurate translation possible.

The cost of the translation will be established by how quickly it is needed, there are three delivery options available: express (same day), 24-hours and standard delivery which is 5-7 days. In addition, the cost of the translation will be calculated by the count of words /pages and the length of document in the source language.

If a client cancels an order without any notice, then all of the work that has already been completed shall be billed at 100%.

Unless otherwise specified or agreed in writing, all invoices must be paid in advance and immediately when they are issued for the job to begin.

Failure to pay will result in the services being terminated without prior notice.

All payments will appear with the following descriptor: BD_FORSANDETI

Translate My Paper shall not be held liable under any circumstances whatsoever for completed translations which are not stylistically satisfactory. This particularly applies for any advertising and promotional material: all clients must be aware that Translate My Paper offers services for simple translations only that are intended to convey the meaning and are not intended for any commercial use such as promotional materials or advertising. Translate My Paper shall not be liable for completing a translation that is, for example, written in a different advertising style in comparison to the source text. In these cases, our liability shall be limited to the amount of the invoice.

Complaints will only be taken into consideration if they are made and received by email within seven working days of the completion of a job. When making a complaint, all of the original documents, disputed translations as well as a full letter of explanation must be included at the time of the complaint. Complaints made after a period of seven days will not be acknowledged.

In the event where a complaint is made within the correct deadlines and has been accepted, then Translate My Paper agrees that it will, at its own expense, offer an edited and updated version of the disputed project within an agreed timeframe that is suitable to both us and the client.

Translate My Paper shall not be held liable for any delays which are caused by technical difficulties or any other external issues which Translate My Paper has no control over.

In the event of a late delivery where the time is more than one third of the agreed time frame and that the responsibility of the late delivery lies solely with Translate My Paper then a reimbursement shall be paid. This figure will be established between the parties depending on the circumstances, but it could be as much as 100% of the amount.

Any defects that are present in one part of the completed translation shall not be grounds whatsoever for questioning the entire translation. In this event Translate My Paper reserves the right to make any modifications to the translation.

The courts of Kenya shall have jurisdictions for all disputes.


Translate My Paper and all of its related suppliers do not acknowledge any guarantee or condition related to the services offered, which includes all implicit guarantees and conditions regarding the suitability of a translations for a particular purpose, ownership and non-violation of all third-party rights.

Translate My Paper and all of its suppliers shall not be liable, for any reason whatsoever, for special, indirect or consequential damages or for any other damages of any type resulting from the loss of rights to use, loss of information, or any lost profits, whether they result from the performance of a contract, negligence or any other detrimental actions, deriving from or in some way connected with the services of Translate My Paper.

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