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If you choose Translate My Paper to translate your documents then we will always provide you with an accurate and affordable service that you can trust.

We work with a global network of translators, many of which are trained in specific subject areas, who are able to provide translations for a number of different subjects and topics into many different languages.

Why work with us?

We only work with human translators, and never machines. Machine translations are unable to provide accurate grammar and meaning in their attempts, whereas our human translators will give you a complete translation which conveys both the meaning and sentiment of a piece, as well as being grammatically accurate.

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Working with Translate My Paper is easy and your document can be translated quickly by completing a few simple steps. Simply upload the document that you want to have translated using the form on our Get A Quote page

There is no job too big or too small for Translate My Paper and we are happy to deal with any of the following requests:

  • Translations of large documents
  • Translations into multiple languages
  • Translations using industry specific vocabulary such as for legal and science sectors.

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